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King Puck

This weekend they celebrate Puck Fair in Killorglin, Co. Kerry. The word 'puck' comes from the Irish 'poc', meaning a male goat. There has been a horse fair in Killorglin from time immemorial but it can be officially traced to 1613 when King James 1 of England granted it legal status. To celebrate its anniversary (400 years) this year the normal 3 day festival has been extended to 4 days of music, art, horse fair, céilís, pet shows, face painting and, of course, plenty of Guinness! During the festival King Puck is regally enthroned on a high stand in the town square for the weekend.

The highlight of the festival is a parade through the town and a 'Coronation' ceremony for King Puck by the Queen of Puck (usually a local Primary School girl). The festival ends with a massive fireworks display.

King Puck is a male goat with straight horns living in the wild on the Kerry mountains. As I said yesterday, in the past, poor mountain people often did not have their own turf-cutting rights and were forced to collect the "scads" from the mountain with a goat with panniers to bring the turf when dry down the sheer cliff faces. Hence the puck goats were a valuable asset to have

Puck himselfKing Puck


This sounds lovely! Should I ever get the opportunity, I would certainly enjoy attending such an event!
Oooo! How very pagan! I love it. Sounds like a grand time.
It probably is a pagan ritual. It may have something to do with the Greek God, Pan, half man, half goat, and his pipes.
Who knows?


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