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Weeds, Weeds, Weeds

buttercup 5The bloody things look sweet and innocent on the lawn but what a nuisance! I'm talking about buttercups. This year we have had a flood of them with their damn long sneaking root system impervious to lawnmower. I never want to see them again.

The thought of them flooded in on my mind last evening as I watched a programme on BBC 4 about weeds, native and imported. It spoke of the traditional native weeds many of which Knot weedhave done such great work in our fields and woodlands for hundreds of years and still have much to offer in the fields of medicine and agriculture. The programme also dealt with that horrible indestructible import Japanese Knot Weed.

My afternoon strolls often take me out along the road from town towards Rosslare Europort. On the edge of town there is a very old cemetery which is long since closed to burials. It, and a private property across the road, is home to a great area of Japanese Knot Weed. I do not understand why the County and Borough Councils have not done something to try to eradicate it. Do they not realize how invasive and noxious this weed is?


We have a similar problem with the Himalayan Balsam (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Impatiens_glandulifera). Every year it takes over more terrain...
I have no issues with buttercups which I like hugely, but the demon around here is great hogweed!
All these terribly invasive weeds appear to have been imported.
Hogweed is native, but a nasty piece of work!
I like buttercups
I have a fondness for weeds. They have an independent spirit.
Personally, I'm grateful to crabgrass. It will grow green in our barren, salt sprayed ground when nothing else will.
I can't even speak against phragmites although they are invasive and are now insisting on growing under my front steps. Keep having to chop the heads off.
Talk about invasive. The Japanese Knotweed has to be totally cleared - and guaranteed to be so - before one builds a house on the ground! You would not want it coming up through your sitting room floor - as it very well might!
young japanese knotweed is actually edible and tasty:


you'd think people would at least try to make use of it!
I think I'll pass on that one.

Maybe they could make socks and towels out of it as I believe they do with bamboo. I'm sure a use for it will be found one day.
They should be working to eradicate it. But it's very difficult -- it requires stem injection and monitoring for several years. Cutting back stimulates competitive growth and it can regrow from tiny fragments of leaf or root.

We have it here in Washington state as well.
My personal torment is Autumn Blooming Clematis. Nothing kills this stuff...

(The comments above make me remember a special we saw while in Portugal about how they were trying to get rid of the eucalyptus trees....because they're such a fire danger there. Imported for erosion control, just like kudzu in the US, they've become a nasty problem.)

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I'm not pro-weed as such, but I will speak up for buttercups as for many years now, they've provided a tasty (and free) treat for the family tortoise to munch on whilst wandering about the garden.
Anything to keep him out of the berry patch.
Eurgh! Japanese Knotweed: loathsome stuff. There's a patch growing on council-owned land not far from my house, which is worrisome. I've reported it, but been met with a barrage of indifference!
Buttercups, flowers, in my sadochke ...
this song is so old.

Weeds for the garden - it's just a quiet horror.

Лютики-цветочки, у меня в садочке...
это песенка такая старая есть.

Сорняки для огорода - это просто тихий ужас.