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Last week my GP arranged an appointment for me with a consultant urologist from the Beacon Private Hospital in Dublin . Apparently my PSA (Prostate-specific antigen) has risen a bit recently and at my age he felt I should have my prostate checked out. He did a very thorough examination.
I understand that prostate cancer can be silent and slow moving and that many men are not aware of it until too late. So it is good to know that it doesn't creep up on one unnoticed by having it checked out every so often.


You're right, it should be checked

I'm thirty, and I'm not aware of my prostate situation. Should I? Is it too early for me to check it out?

Re: You're right, it should be checked

Ah yes, it's a bit too early for you. Maybe at 50-55 would be time enough to look into it.
It should be done by all men after the age of 60 and I keep on my brother all the time about this as in our family, father and uncle had it and grandfather died from untended prostate cancer.
here in the USA doctors no longer advise PSA. Too many false positives. Too many unnecessary surgeries. Prostate cancer is apparently very slow growing. Doctors are now relying more on family history. If there is a history of aggressive cancer they follow up on it.
Thankfully it is normally a very slow growing cancer and elderly men often die with it rather than from it. However, it's just as well to get it monitored so there are no nasty surprises.
Being checked for it before 40 is a good idea (it caught a family members cancer early).

I lost a dear friend earlier in the year (he was 72) to prostate cancer, he had been diagnosed in his 60's and waged a long fight with it.

Its good to be thorough about this sort of thing. I hope that the rest of your checkup is good.
Good for your GP for keeping a weather eye! You do NOT want to mess with that!
Thanks all.
Glad your GP is keeping an eye on things. I nagged my ex to have a general check up each big 0 birthday, and after we divorced he thought maybe I was right, and went for a general check up, admittedly at 42 rather than 40, it took him awhile to concede I was right :) But the doctor found he had prostate cancer in the early stages, and thankfully they were able to deal with it very swiftly. It's now a joke that my nagging saved his life :)