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The Wonder and Dangers of New Technology

smart phoneMany of my friends post pictures (mostly fuzzy) on Facebook of where they are and what they're up to. I don't use Twitter but I believe the same thing happens there. These photos are taken by smart-phones which nearly every teenager uses nowadays (my own mobile phone is one of Nokia's original models).

I was really shocked then to learn how these pictures can be used by strangers to locate a person even down to one's own bedroom! I certainly agree with those who say that parents and carers of children should be aware of this and warn them of the dangers involved. Young people, of course, will say that nobody would be interested in what they are up to. They would be surprised.

See the following short video on the subject.



Pictures from smartphones are "geotagged" by the GPS in the phone. This feature can be turned off, but most people don't think about it.
I believe even geotagging can be by-passed.
Snopes had a good write-up on this: http://www.snopes.com/crime/warnings/smartphonepix.asp

It's not really a new development; the issue has been out there for a while. I personally don't understand why anyone would "check-in" on Facebook to tell people where they were. Too much risk for no real benefit!
Like me you must be no longer a teenager!!
I will selectively turn on the GPS for photos, but most times I leave that feature off, especially if photographing at home. The whole world does not need to know exactly where I am at all times!
Congratulations on your wonderful blog (new to me). Thank you.
Thanks a lot. :-)
I much prefer a real camera as you know.
Many of these iphone things take fairly good photos but the majority photos I see from them are terrible.
It's the difference between 4 or 5 million Mp and 15.5 million Mp- in other words, it's one of quality.
Well ... Mr. Snowden has revealed to us the secrets of new technologies ...
I FLY-TS-105, a simple, no androyd system. There dumb pictures turn out. Video too. Yet I also post the photos on the Internet.
You uncovered enough multifaceted topic

Ну... Мистер Сноуден раскрыл нам тайны новых технологий...
У меня FLY-TS-105, простой, без андройд системы. Фотки там стремные получаются. Видео тоже. Но все же я тоже выкладываю фото в интернет.
Вы раскрыли достаточно многогранную тему