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Waiting and 'Watching'

Yesterday the results of the Irish Leaving Certificate Exam were published. On these results very much depend the future education and career of young people. One can imagine the relief of students and their parents after the long summer wait.
Waiting and 'watching'
It puts me thinking of all the, frequently useless, time we spend anxiously waiting for something we can do nothing about to happen: patients waiting for the result of an autopsy, waiting for news of a train crash on which a loved one was travelling, etc.

We often chase illusive dreams. But life does not unfold that way. Our life nowadays seems to be characterized by waiting of one kind or another. We spend hours hanging around in queues, looking at our watches or fiddling with our mobile phones.

Some wait in fear, some in boredom ("Are we there yet?), some with joyful hope.

I wish all those who received their results yesterday happiness in their future life and that their waiting was not in vain.


Hi there athgarvan. Thank you for adding me. I am happy to add you back but I should let you know that I post at dreamwidth and cross post to LJ. I disable comments here so friends click the link on the LJ post if they want to comment over at DW (it's not obligatory :)) Others have accounts at both sites. If that works for you I look forward to getting to know you :)
Thank you gwendraith. Many are becoming unhappy with LJ. Wishing you well.
I have been at DW for quite a long time now but still read and comment at LJ for the friends who haven't made the move :)

My elder son (whose birthday it is today) began his education in Northern Ireland and it gave him a wonderful start. My younger son was born there and has an N I birth certificate. We did a little travelling in the south. Such a beautiful place :)

I've grown quite patient after a lifetime of various waits!
We'll consider you Irish and make you welcome. I have lost many readers because of the move to DW. I have been encouraged to move myself but feel I'm too old for that now.
You are never too old! :)
What kind of the certificate in question? I do not understand something. In Russia, all certificates are issued, for example, in June. In high school, college, college, university.

О каком аттестате идет речь ? Я что-то не понял. В России все аттестаты выдаются, например, в июне. В школе, колледже, институте, университете.
By the way. You have a couple of my friends my friends. Just wondering. Do you read them?

Кстати. У тебя в друзьях несколько моих френдов. Просто интересно. Ты их читаешь ?