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Rose of Tralee

glass wallThis week we are celebrating the annual International Rose of Tralee Festival. The heart of the festival is the selection of the Rose of Tralee which brings young women of Irish descent from around the world for a global celebration of Irish culture. The festival also includes street entertainment, carnival, live concerts, theatre, circus, markets, funfair, fireworks and our internationally renowned Rose Parade.

The Festival is based on the love song The Rose of Tralee by William Mulchinock a 19th century wealthy merchant who was in love with Mary O'Connor of Tralee, his maid. But because of the difference in social class between the two families their love affair was discouraged. William emigrated, and some years later returned to Tralee only to find Mary had died of tuberculosis. He was broken hearted and expressed his love for her in the song The Rose of Tralee.

The Festival began in 1959 and has developed ever since. This year 32 areas of the world are represented, each with its own Rose. This year also a glass wall has been erected with the names and areas of all 1,700 Roses who have competed down through the years. Is your region represented? See:

    Group of Roses 2013


Rose Festival? It's great. We have no such holidays. Probably affects the Soviet past .....

Moved to the site. There is such a beautiful girl. I thought I was in Ireland (this is part of England), the girls are all well, not very much. And as cold as your climate. And then there are radiant, lovely, lovely ... just nyafki ....

Праздник Роз ?! Здорово. У нас таких праздников нет. Наверное сказывается советское прошлое.....

Перешел на сайт. Там такие красивые девушки есть. Я думал, что в Ирландии (это ведь часть Англии), девушки все ну такие не очень-то. Да и холодные, как ваш климат. А тут такие лучезарные, милые, прекрасные... просто няфки....