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Divna Ljubojevic

Divna LjubojevicI have only recently been introduced to the most beautiful voice of Divna Ljubojevic. I would love to share it with you if you are not already familiar with her angelic voice.

Divna was born in Belgrade in 1970, studied at the Mokranjac Musical School and graduated from the Novi Sad Musical Academy. She practised religious singing with the choir of Vavedenje monastery where she was trained by the sisters and faithfully cherished traditional Russian and religious singing.

I am particularly smitten by her 'Our Father' (Oče naš)    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WVY_RK0LBnw


Very beautiful; thanks for sharing.
*** spoken
That is so beautiful. I hadn't heard of her so thank you for sharing :)
A beautiful voice. I'll try to sing the Lord's Prayer itself. Girl singing in Church Slavonic. In the Orthodox. This is a very beautiful language. I myself love it. And I pray to our Lord in the Church Slavonic. It's an old Russian language. It govovorili my grandparents, in the ancient times.


Красивый голос. Попробую сам спеть Отче наш. Девушка поет на церковно-славянском. По-православному. Это очень красивый язык. Я сам обожаю его. И Господу нашему молюсь на церковно-славянском. Это старый русский язык. На нем мои прадеды гововорили, в древности.

Thank you. I have been away.