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I have been at a conference in Swords all last week. It is a small historic town to the north of Dublin close to Dublin airport. It's origins date back to 560 AD when a monastery was founded there by St. Colmcille.

In the 12th ceremony a large Norman Castle was constructed in piecemeal fashion over a period of 400 years and became the first larger than normal fortified Norman residence of the Archbishop of Dublin, John Comyn. Currently it is the only fortified castle to survive in a reasonable condition. Today it presents a vivid snap-shot of 15th century life, comprising a gatehouse, apartments for knights, a chapel, banqueting hall, the all-important Archbishop's apartments and two large towers.

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welcome back
I wondered where you were
Thank you. I was on a period of reflection. Good for an old-timer like me.
What an amazing place to visit. Lucky you!

- Erulisse (one L)
A very old habitation, but now very mod with huge shopping centre.
A town called SWORDS? That's cool.
"Sord" was a very old word meaning "clear" and in this case referred to the clear water in a local sacred well.
That's not nearly as dramatic...
Very nice place to visit, hope you had time to sight see a little. We went there once back in the early 1980s.
I'm afraid I had very little free time but managed to visit the town a few times. It was within easy walking distance from where I was staying.
Wondered where you'd got to! :o)

That's rather like St Andrews Castle in Fife even down to being a bishop's palace.
Glad to be back. Thank you.

The various Protestant Archbishops of Dublin did very well out of the job. They were all part of the Upper Gentry Families of course.
Beautiful old castle. It even seems that come to life and will be accompanied by the owner of an ancient army.

Красивый старинный замок. Даже кажется, что оживет и появится сам хозяин в сопровождении старинного воинства.
Yes, doesn't it? It actually figured in a great battle in 1641.