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Newbridge House & Park

Just north of where I was staying last week is Newbridge House and Park which I had an opportunity to visit twice last week. This property has belonged to the Cobbe family since 1717. While the property has now been acquired by the County Council, the Cobbe family will continue to reside at Newbridge House from time to time, due to a unique arrangement which was entered into between the family and the County Council.

The property was opened as a Park in 1986. It consists of approximately 370 acres of gently undulating pastureland, woodland walks, traditional farm, a deer park, lime kiln, ruins of an old castle, watercourses and pleasure grounds. It and its fine Georgian Mansion is one of the finest complete 18th century parklands in Ireland.  Centrepiece of the Demesne is Newbridge House, a very fine Georgian Mansion.

Newbridge House Park



Beautiful place! Places like this make me want to move to the British Isles!
Yes it really is a beautiful place and is kept very well by the Council God bless them.
Luxurious and beautiful

Роскошно и красиво
Это действительно красиво. Родители любят взять своих детей, чтобы посетить его.