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The Island

From the 15th August to the 8th September each year is the 'Pilgrimage' season in Our Lady's Island about 10 miles from me here. Especially on Sundays during this period thousands visit Our Lady's Shrine there. This year they have been blessed with lovely weather - it does not always happen! I sang in the choir there a few times.


Speaking of Our Lady, I have only recently seen that beautifully happy Capuchin picture of her and her cousin Elizabeth when Mary visits her to bring the great news of her pregnancy. I'm afraid I have no details of its origin etc. But I like it.



It is joyous and real.
What is the reason this pilgrimage? A holiday is in honor of the Virgin Mary? Or just a tradition?

С чем связано это паломничество ? Какой-то праздник есть в честь Богородицы ? Или просто это традиция ?
There was a monastery on the island (it is actually connected to the mainland by a strip of land) in the Middle Ages which had a particular devotion to Mary Mother of God. The tradition of visiting the island has continued down to the present day. I myself experience a sense of peace and wellbeing when I visit.
I greatly like that picture. It is such an intimate and personal view, and I like the smiles. Thank you for sharing that.