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New School Year

bird school

This week all our local schools re-open for the new school year 2013-2014. We wish all of them well - especially those little fledglings who are starting school or are moving up to a more senior school. And let us not forget the proud mothers who are more in dread than the kids!


I remember standing in the greengrocers and crying when my eldest started play school aged 3, let alone proper school :)
When my one and only, age four, went to Nursery School - private - 1/2 day - in the neighborhood
I completely cleaned and redecorated the bedroom to take my mind off it.

I still a little bereft when I watched him hurry away to met his room mate that first day at college.
School started today here, too.

Your photo here is so sweet--reminds me that last night I saw a sparrow's nest, a-flutter with activity, under the eaves of a bar.
Hmm. We September 1 begins a new school year. It is true Sunday. But the Ceremonial formation, hope there will be.

Хм. У нас 1 сентября начинается новый учебный год. Это правда воскресенье. Но торжественное построение, надеюсь будет.
I enjoy reading your posts. I learn so much about your culture. Thank you.