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Edermine Estate

Powers_Gold_Label_whiskeyYesterday afternoon there was an open day at historical Edermine House and estate near Enniscorthy the next town to us, so a few of us joined it. Edermine House, with its impressive collection of buildings was built by Sir John Power, of Power Distillery fame, in 1838. Many, I'm sure, will recognise the Power's Gold Label bottle on right! A very large number of visitors were present and joined in conducted tours of the buildings, the Pugin private Chapel (Lady Power was a daughter of Pugin’s Irish patron, John Hyacinth Talbot) and the extensive grounds.

During the Great War Dom Columba Marmion, Irish-born abbot of the Benedictine monastery at Maredsous in Belgium, found temporary accommodation for his young monks in Edermine House.

Although the present private owner of the property is attempting to restore it to its original state much of its past glory has faded, e.g. the Pugin chapel and the large green-house by the famous Pierce's Ironworks of Wexford.

house chapel


I know Maredsous. The monastery also houses a well known brewery as many Belgian monasteries seem to.
I understand his young monks were not on their best behaviour when at Edermine!
I hadn't thought of Marmion in years. I read him, of course, when I was in college many years ago.
I was inspired to wikipedia him.
It said he was disappointed in the monks at Edermine and the foundation was closed in 1920.
Was it the connection with the brewery?
It could well have been. But they seem to have been popular with the natives too - male and female!