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The Greed for Possessions

Tesco_wexford_09While browsing around our local Tesco outlet yesterday I was horrified to see that they have already set up part of their Christmas display! It seems nothing is sacred anymore in the pursuit of profit and possessions. Can no one be happy nowadays to live a simple life style? Because of the pressure of advertising all around me to have more and more of the latest gadgets and possessions I find it difficult myself to resist.

“Watch out! Be on your guard against all kinds of greed; a man’s life does not consist in the abundance of his possessions” (Luke 12:15).


I was writing in a similar vein in my journal this morning
The tensions of being too attached to technology.
A balky internet and a new tv with more demands than the old one.
Just who or what is running my life? Me or the technology around me?
People complain about technology.. then behave like they've never heard of an 'off' switch...
It's getting things turned on that is the problem. In this rural area we are not equipped to meet the standards of the devices. We need "booster boxes" and extra cables. Things don't just turn on. They turn on after you turn on the thing that is going to turn them on.
The companies mumble things about "band width" and "distance from the source".
But we are still expected to use the technology to deal with everyday business.
Snail mail not accepted. Electronic response expected.

Most of our techno - stuff is OFF most of the time. It is used only when necessary and that includes the tv.
You don't know how lucky you are. They went up here in July.
Tesco set up its Christmas display here in the north-east of England on the first of September.
I actually saw a shop in Newcastle-upon-Tyne selling Christmas cards in the second week of August!
There's a year-round Christmas shop in the centre of Berlin!
I was really hoping that this was just some American oddity (it gets odder and odder here), so it is a little dismaying that it goes beyond America. Our Walmarts also already have some of the Christmas items out, even before they had the Halloween items out.

Yes I pick gifts up through the year intended for Christmas distribution. I'm not rich enough to buy everything in one blow. That doesn't mean that I want to buy decorations in say July though.
Yay, Luke! Yes! (they are starting with the Christmas marketing here, too. Fortunately, I hardly ever leave the school.
i avoid mass media, and thus most advertising. i think i am a happier person that way for many reasons, probably one of which is non-exaggerated desires for material goods.
Good plan. I used to avoid mass media, but now I see that I have to have at least SOME frame of reference to talk to people.

But greed is not complimentary to a spiritual life (or, even a HAPPY life), no matter what some people will try to tell you.
*smiles* i seem to do okay with relatively little frame of reference. i get my news through twitter, and i like to talk about my animals and science, and ask people about their pets and their hobbies and their childhoods. it works out okay :)

i have no idea if my life is particularly spiritual, but i do think i'm happier than most folks, which is actually kind of sad if i think about it too much...
I work in a profession that requires me to interact with people a lot on their own terms (I am working towards ordination as a minister). People expect me to KNOW about things like, for example, Miley Sirus and Robin Thicke so that I can comment on them.

They don't expect me to be TOO involved with them, though. That would not be appropriate, either.
*nods* i teach various things, but mostly i am a neuroscience researcher. people tolerate considerable eccentricity among academics; probably one of the reasons i am comfortable in my profession. i have never even heard of robin thicke.
I hadn't either before that ridiculous Sirus performance, but since everyone on FB was talking about it, I felt like I needed to figure out what it was about so that I could talk about it if I needed to.

It hasn't happened yet, but I DID need to talk about the Episcopalians that are wanting to become Anglicans rather than accept gay bishops. Good thing I knew all about that.
i avoid fb for the most part, except that i have a group of heroin users i talk to there (one of my research interests is ibogaine as an aid to terminating opiate addiction). and fortunately in my line of work nobody expects me to know everything :)
Probably for the best. It's not really "fun" for me (although I do use it to keep up with some old friends). It's more of a community builder for me. A lot of my friends are professional colleagues.
As so often, Lukas is bang on.

There was stuff up here in August, for pity's sake!