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250px-Classic_CappuccinoI love a good cappuccino and Danish in the afternoon but am finding it more and more difficult to get a good, well-made cappuccino. I have moved from one coffee shop to another in Wexford and cannot find one that serves a good cappuccino with any consistency. I  have often been simply served a cup of froth and charged through the nose for it.

Did you know that the beverage gets its name from the colour of the religious habit worn by Cappuchin monks - brown hood and a white cincture?


I did not know that is where the name came from. How fascinating! I think I will have to research more on that and learn more about the order now. The factoid seems to have kicked something loose.

I think that part of the problem of finding a good cappuchino is less the shop and more finding a barrista that makes a good one. It is one of those things that require practice. I learned that first hand the day that I worked at the local ski park in the coffee shop/cafe. I got a quick training and then was turned loose. NERVEWRACKING! I did enjoy making them so much though that I invested in a home model machine (which wore out). Perhaps getting the machine to make one at home would be an option, or is this more of an "I want a good shop for when I'm out and about" issue?
And according to my etymological doorstop, sorry, dictionary, the Capuchin order were named for the distinctive pointed hoods that they wore - this also gave the capuchin monkey their name, as they appearance suggested that they were wearing little cowls.
It doesn't list the coffee-based drink beyond noting that the Italian diminutive for 'capuchin' is 'cappuccino'.
I did not know how cappuccino got its name, so thanks for the info. I agree, a good one is marvelous, but so many places can't make one at all decent.
I did know as it happens (blame the Italian ancestry :o)

I find the trick is to avoid the chains and look for independent coffee shops. We're lucky hereabouts that there's a nice one in the High Street run by a Portugese guy and he makes a mean cappucino (although I'm mostly an espresso ristretto drinker).