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English Language

images I have many Russian readers of my posts.
Are my posts a help to those learning English?
How can I help to make it easier to learn the language?


How do you know you have many Russian readers?
Some of our friend's respondants write in Cyrillic which is a clue as it has me reaching for my translation software and I usually find that the laguage is Russian (although I know it doesn't have to be just because it's in Cyrillic script. :o)

English French and Italian I can manage, but Russian, no........

Dear judo100

Webstatsdomain.net has the following about my Blog:

Athgarvan.livejournal.com is ranked 158 in the world (among the 30 million domains), a low rank means that this website gets lots of visitors. This site is relatively popular among users in Russia. It gets 52.5% from Russia. This site is estimated worth $33926359USD. This site has a good Pagerank(2/10). It has 304,089 backlinks. It's good for seo website. Athgarvan.livejournal.com has 67% seo score.

Edited at 2013-09-27 10:05 (UTC)
Oh! Make no mistake, I read this blog very regularly. True to the translator from google. And I write with the same translator. Moreover, in Russia there are many search engines that index the LiveJournal in the first place.

О! Можете не сомневаться, я читаю очень регулярно этот блог. Правда с переводчиком от google. И пишу с тем же переводчиком. Кроме того, в России есть много поисковых машин, которые индексируют Живой Журнал в первую очередь.
Keep in mind, however, that accounts that add you as a "friend" are not necessarily people. Sometimes they are created by computer programs that start LJ accounts and trigger the "add as friend" link in order to try to glean as much personal information from you. This data is accumulated from thousands of people en masse in order to provide corroborative source material for criminal activity.

I have found most so-called Russian (or at least cyrillic) ostensible "friends" are in this category.
Are the daily postings from these 'friends' also posted by
by computers?
Yes, often. Posts on a particular topic are generated from random text taken from the 'net. Pictures are often included. Some of these get rather elaborate.

One "friend" of mine (beerlover1 - you can go see for yourself) is presumably an attractive and vivacious young Florida woman who relishes the idea of spending the evening drinking beer, which may be some young gentleman's idea of heaven, and when I find that young gentleman, there's a bridge I'd like to sell him.
This is very interesting. Can we be sure of anything nowadays?
Could we ever? Perhaps the only change is how impersonal this kind of violation is.
To be fair, I have people from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus (to think of who I know who uses Cyrillic) on my flist and they have to be real as my blog is f-locked and I only let folks in by personal invite or due to being the friend of a friend. :o)

Not all Russian bloggers are spambots as Vlad Putin knows to his cost!

Edited at 2013-09-27 12:37 (UTC)
Yes, this is true. Nor are all non-cyrillic friends real people, as in the case of my redneck houri example.
One also runs across spambots operating in Chinese pictograms!
I wonder will any 'real' Russian 'friends' reply to my post? None so far.
I agree that not all Russian bloggers spam bots. Such (spam bots) in general is not enough. Just do not understand the part about our Putin?

Согласен, что не все русские блоггеры спам-боты. Таких (спам-ботов) в общем-то мало. Только не понял, при чем тут наш Путин ?!

Neither do I understand this particular reference to Vlad Putin.
Perhaps I am too naïve.
Believe me, I'm not a bot. If you click on the link my nickname, you will find yourself on a page of my blog.

Поверьте, я не бот. Если перейдете по ссылке моего ника, то окажитесь на странице моего блога.
I had forgotten English. Although I know it is technically only in the form of commands php (programming language used on the Internet). Previously, he studied English courses. A whole year. But then I was still young. Now prefer to use the translator google. Although it is not perfect. Learn English? But why? As I am not going abroad. I'm in Russia very good life.

Я уже забыл английский. Хотя знаю его только технически в виде команд пхп (языка программирования, используемого в интернете). Раньше изучал английский на курсах. Целый год. Но тогда я был молодой еще. Нынче предпочитаю пользоваться переводчиком google. Хотя он не совершенен. Учить английский ? А зачем ? В заграницы я не собираюсь. Мне в России очень даже хорошо живется.
Thank you for your comments. I am always amazed at how well many Russians speak English. Others, I'm sure, are trying to learn the language and I thought my posts, being short and varied, might be of some help to them.

I myself love many of the Russian blogs, especially the wonderful photos.

Бог благословит вас.