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John 3:7

JohnIreland has a number of native field games two of which are Hurling and Gaelic Football. The season's final in either of these codes will attract over 80,000 supporters.

The games have one very ardent supporter throughout the year who has become very well known for the last 20 years. At every game he holds up a banner with JOHN 3:7 on it. His real name is Frank Hogan but is known throughout Ireland now simply as 'John'. The sign is so recognisable now that, according to Hogan, "everybody wants to steal it or buy it".

Frank displays the sign as a result of a spiritual life-changing experience he had in his youth.

Question: What does the text from John's Gospel say?


Depends on whether you want the gospel, the apocalypse or one of the three epistles.
The gospel wants to be born again.
sigh - in the US that is an excuse for a lot of questionable attitudes.
I had, I have to admit, to look that one up.

As you might guess, my own response? Lukas 6:37
Plenty for reflection there. Perhaps later this evening.
"Do not marvel that I said to you, ‘You must be born again.’"

I prefer this over the ubiquitous John 3:16 that we see at American ball games. It speaks of real spiritual transformation rather than the banal belief that Jesus is the son of God that so many take to be sufficient.
I suppose everyone has one's own favourite and meaningful (to him) quote.
I'm more of a sheep and goats man myself.
"Do not be astonished that I said to you, 'You must be born from above.'"

Nicodemus has come to Jesus to ask him what he means by "born again". Was he, an old man, supposed to crawl back into his mother's womb?

Jesus takes this opportunity to make the "learned" Greek man look foolish. The Greek that is used here means, literally, "take it from the top" like you would if you were rehearsing a play. The Greek expression for "above" here means "above", but it also means "start over at the beginning" or, basically, begin a new life, purified by the waters of baptism.

I take classes in New Testament as my electives.
I think if I were going to hold up a sign for TV, it would say "Luke 18.22".