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All Ireland Poetry Day

All Ireland Poetry Day All Ireland Poetry Day imagesimagesuntitledAll Ireland Poetry Day is now in its 6th year. This year it takes place on Thursday next, 3rd October.

The object of the day is to celebrate poetry in every county in Ireland and in a variety of ways via imaginative programming, scheduling, venues and locations. In other years the response has been a continued and pleasant surprise through the different ways counties have sought to deliver poetry to audiences of all age groups.


Events will take the form of poetry readings, poetry slams, writers-in-schools visits, poetry exhibitions and even poetry served with meals in hospitals.

The core event for this year's All Ireland Poetry Day will be a marathon poetry reading streamed live from the Irish Writers' Centre in Dublin. All Ireland 'LIVE' Poetry Day will feature poetry readings streamed over the internet throughout the day, along with recorded interviews with poets and special guests and vox pops.


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You must bring your own!!