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Marconi (1874-1937)

This afternoon I took my walk along the strand at Rosslare close to me here in Wexford. On the way I passed Marconi House which the famous developer of radio used. Marconi's great ambition from the start was the transmission of wireless messages - to be the creator of the radio.

Although he had an Italian father, his mother was of the Wexford Jameson (whiskey) family and his wife was from Co. Clare in Ireland.

He established a wireless transmitting station at Marconi House in Rosslare in 1901 to act as a link between Poldhu in Cornwall, Clifton in Galway, and St. John's, Newfoundland. Using a 500ft kite-supported antenna for reception, the message was received in Newfoundland - over 2000 miles. The exact wavelength used is not known, but it is fairly reliably determined to have been in the neighbourhood of 350 metres.

What a lot he has been responsible for!



Shows how ignorant I am; I just assumed Marconi was an Italian national!

Yes, what a lot he's been responsible for- some amazing things grew out of his work. And I'll try not to hold him responsible for hateful talk radio or shock jocks...
Yes, of course he was an Italian national born in Bologna and did much of his early work there. But finding little interest in his work in Italy, in early 1896 at the age of 21, Marconi travelled to London.