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I have just learned that Irish people use Facebook more often than people in any other country in the English-speaking world.

It makes up 63pc of Irish social-media activity, twice as much as all other social-media sites combined.

The figure puts Irish Facebook activity higher than that in the UK (55pc) and significantly higher than that in the US (47pc).

But what is it doing to written English spelling and grammar? 



I suppose the effects will depend upon how it's being used. I'd say Twitter would be likely to do worse damage given its wordage limitations.

I don't use either of them myself.
I have never tried Twitter (even though the Pope is on it I understand).

I have a limited "friends list" on Facebook. Not very exciting, however.
Did it give any ideas about WHY the Irish like FB so much?

As for spelling and grammar, I think texting has ruined it for young people. U R welcome to dsagre.
We're a crowd of natters (nutters) probably.
"But what is it doing to written English spelling and grammar?"

Proly alot. ;+)
I wonder?