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I'm Nobody's Child

Everyone in Wexford knows Maggie Hurley . A right character and a near permanent fixture on the street, Maggie often goes unnoticed by shoppers and strollers, but sees it all from her own unique perspective on the pavement. Are you a beggar, Maggie? I'm busking, she says, and launches into her well-known signature tune, I'm Nobody's Child!

She says:  "I'm sitting here on a bit of cardboard. Each day, I come here and sit on the cardboard. Behind me, I have bread and coleslaw and a few bars of chocolate that I get from people. I don't really like chocolate. I'll give them to young ones going by."

The real Maggie behind the character is a 46 year-old woman and mother. "I got meningitis when I was 11. I was in several different hospitals since then. I left school at 11 years of age. I've been doing this the best part of my life." Sitting on a cold footpath for years hasn't helped her health. "I can't get any sorer. I have arthritis and all. I've pain in my leg and the lower parts of my spine," she says, and says she enjoys watching The Simpsons and Bart is her favourite character.

Often she has her dog with her on the street.

Maggie Hurley


You have to love someone who is loved by a pet. I think I like her quite a bit.

- Erulisse (one L)
Yes many people are fond of Maggie. But she can have a bit of a tongue at times!
It is very strange that she did not on a disability pension. Although I do not know how you do in the country, but at us in Russia, this woman would be able to receive social disability pension and free health care.

Очень странно, что она не на пенсии по инвалидности. Хотя я не знаю, как у вас в стране, но у нас в России, эта женщина смогла бы получать социальную пенсию по инвалидности и бесплатное медицинское обслуживание.
She has all these services in this country too but likes her little bit of interaction with the people as well!