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Toilet Paper - a New Human Right!

toilet paperThe Venezuelan government has taken over a toilet paper factory to avoid any scarcity of the product. The National Guard has taken control of the plant, and officers will monitor production and distribution. Earlier this year officials ordered millions of toilet rolls to be imported to counter a chronic shortage. Last month the President created a special committee to tackle the problem which the government blames on unscrupulous traders. The government ordered the temporary occupation of the plant and the Vice-President said authorities would "not permit hoarding of essential commodities, or any faults in the production and distribution process."


Well, when an oil-rich economy is run by hypocritical morons, this is what you get. If anyone, for whatever reason, ever wanted arguments to prove Ayn Rand right, Venezuela would be a great data point.

I'm just glad the similar imbeciles in Argentina (aka our government) have been corralled and will be voted out over the next few elections, or that could have been us.
I had thought that when Hugo Chavez shuffled off this mortal coil, commonsense might begin to prevail but plainly not.

Hopefully when both your government and ours get voted out at the next election the people on the small lumps of sheep strewn rock in the North Atlantic can go back to living their lives their way without too much blatant interference from either direction!

Edited at 2013-10-16 14:44 (UTC)
I'll drink to that!
No argument there... but the enormous amounts of stupid that happened to get them to that point is simply mind-blowing.
Given that it indirectly impacts health, actually it makes sense to secure the supply of TP.
Well, large parts of the world manage fine without. It does bloat the amount of paper the western world goes through, and the amount of sewage it has to deal with; and even some westerners such as Sheryl Crow have campaigned for us to do without.

Disclaimer: like the rest of you, I suspect, I'm so heavily conditioned to use toilet paper I would not be able to easily switch to doing without.
I have lived on islands that have had Longshoremen strikes, so I still hoard toilet tissue.