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ERI Have a Dream, Why Not Share It?


'It is a scandal that there is still hunger and malnutrition in the world,' the Pope's message stated. 'It is not just a question of responding to immediate emergencies, but of addressing together, in all areas, a problem that challenges our personal and social conscience, to achieve a just and lasting solution,'


The reason there's hunger and malnutrition in the world is simple... it's not that there isn't enough food, because there is, and it's not because it's a logistics problem, because we've solved bigger ones ... it's because the companies that own the farms and the companies that ship the food all want paying.... and the people who are starving don't have any money.

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But why do they not have the money?

And how can this inequality be solved?
Because money, and access to resources in order to make money, are zero-sum game. I.e there's only so much to go around, and if someone has a lot, then someone else has to have very little.

Or to be less abstract, because the rich and ruthless elite own the resources and have most of the money.

Solving that inequality... is beyond me. [other than saying we probably need a revolution, figuratively or literally, but I've no idea what.]
If wealth were a zero-sum game we would still be hunter-gatherers, because that was all there was to start with and agriculture would not have increased what was available.
Well, no... wealth plus resources are a zero sum game. If you have access to resources, you can create wealth. [which is what I was trying to say]. Likewise, if you have wealth, you can gain access to resources. [note, resources also includes potential resources; like an empty field, a pile of seed corn and labour.]

Basically however, if you've got nothing, because someone else has everything, then you can get... nothing.
That turns out not to be the case. Resources are an ingredient of wealth. The other ingredient is ability.

This is not accepted by economists, of course, inasmuch as schools of economics tend to be founded by people who have only resources.
I agree with siliconshaman. There IS enough food to go around. There are actually enough money and other resources. But there is a very small number of people in the world who control vast amounts of it, and who absolutely, positively, will not share it unless they are shown that, by doing so, they will make a profit on it. That is how they got to be so wealthy in the first place, and that is how they stay that way.
This can be all very theoretical. What I understand ERI to be asking is: What am I (an individual) in my own little way doing to remedy the situation? They point out that even small groups like themselves can have influence through their special consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the UN in Geneva.

I must say that I personally am embarrassed at my own lack of effort in contributing to their efforts in this regard.

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Luke (you might have guessed :o) 16: 19-25

Do what you can- don't waste. Don't take more than you need and give what you can, but you knew that!
We so very easily think that that would not make much difference.
If we all do it, it can make a huge difference- the widow's mite!