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Based on Rhythm, Walking has inspired Poetry over the centuries

cars 1I have just returned from my afternoon walk.

I love walking and try to walk for a couple of hours every day. But it is becoming increasingly more difficult to find a safe place to walk.

I also like to listen to some music on disk or portable radio while I walk. This does not mean that I become careless. Unfortunately this is also almost impossible because of the volume of traffic on the roads. Why must people always have to drive - even the shortest distance?

"To walk is by a thought to go;
To move in spirit to and fro;
       To mind the good we see;
              To taste the sweet;
Observing all the things we meet
       How choice and rich they be."      (Thomas Traherne 1637–1674)


That looks like a difficult road for walking.
If you have just done a week's worth of shopping, and you are bringing home several bags of foods that need to be kept refrigerated or frozen, along with bulky items such as bedding, or a stepladder, or a new computer, walking is completely unsuitable.

In the US, of course, almost nothing is within walking distance anyway :-(