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Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned

Reposted from  nikitskij



Oughtn't that be one of the GOP oathbreakers who spread the lighter fluid and lit the match?
Could be.

Obama's main issue is not being a stronger president. He isn't evil or devious or neglectful so much as ineffective.

Our GOP has collectively gone insane, OTOH, which is causing no end of problems.
I believe Nero played the lyre - and was quite good at it.
What is going on here is that there is still a VERY large number of VERY racist people here. The GOP are going to unprecedented levels of insanity to make Obama's presidency as much of a failure as possible. I don't think any of this is Obama's fault, other than the fact that he has the nerve to be black.

He is actually a very intelligent man with very sound policies.
I agree absolutely. From this distance I thought he was doing very nicely. I just thought the cartoon was interesting.
I think he is doing a fairly good job considering the hostile work environment he is in.
I wanted to like Barack Obama when he ran for president. I wanted to be one of the history-makers who voted in America's first African American president. Two thirds of the way through the first chapter of The Audacity of Hope, I put it down in disgust at the race-hustling wrapped in soaring phrases. I have seen nothing in the intervening six years to change my mind. But what do I know? I'm just a typical white person, like his grandmother.

[Edited to change race-baiting, which is the wrong term, to race-hustling, which is more accurate. "White folks' greed runs a world in need," indeed. *Snort*]

Edited at 2013-10-27 17:33 (UTC)
I wondered how Americans would respond to this cartoon.
it strikes me as another chapter in the president's chronicle, aptly titled by "the onion" after the election: "BLACK MAN GIVEN WORST JOB IN AMERICA". and never can do enough with that situation to avoid mockery, after all.
Well, the artist is a known fool and as others have pointed out, the larger issues are that the Republican party has lost its mind and Obama's biggest problem is his weakness. I can't help but think Lyndon Johnson would have known how to deal with this GOP.