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We Complain About Hospitals in Ireland but . . .

The 2014 Winter Olympics are scheduled to take place 7 - 23 February 2014, in Sochi near the Black Sea in Russia. The games will cost $50 billion.

Here's a photo of the local hospital in Boyarkino village not far from Moscow. I understand that this is a typical picture, not some extreme one and that there are thousands of hospitals, schools and public offices like this in Russia.

Sochi Olympics

Picture re-posted from Stanislav Melamed on Facebook


Ugh! It's not surprising people only used to go to a hospital when they expected to die. If you still thought you'd get better at home, you stayed there.
Pretty typical corrupt capitalist government then?
In the Soviet Union everything was considerably better!
В Советском Союзе все было значительно лучше !!!
Worst picture. This can not be everywhere. But still available. In fact, compared with the Soviet Union, in Russia today, it is best not to get to the hospital. You need to buy everything - from food to drugs, but still need to pay bribes to doctors that treated.

Худшая фотография. Такое не везде. Но все же имеется в наличии. Вообще-то, по сравнению с СССР, в нынешней России, лучше в больницу не попадать. Нужно покупать всё - от еды до лекарств, да еще надо давать взятки врачам, чтобы лечили.