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Our Lady of Kazan

220px-Kazan_moscowThis being the 4th Nov. the Feast of Our Lady of Kazan is celibrated especially in the Orthodox but also in other Christian Churches. It is the most popular feast of Our Lady in Russia.

According to tradition, the icon was discovered in July 1579 underground in the city of Kazan by a little girl to whom it was revealed by the Theotokos herself. The original icon was kept in the Monastery of Kazan until it was stolen for its gilt frame in 1904.


Either you've mistyped that, or you do not consider Orthodoxy to be Christianity!
No,just pointing to one of the many things we don't differ on.
I don't follow your logic here, I'm afraid.
Of course the Orthodox Churches are Christian (perhaps more Christian than western Christian Churches) but in this devotion they are very obviously close.