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11/11/11 1918

Today, Armistice Day, is specifically dedicated as a day of remembrance for members of the armed forces who were killed during World War I.  To mark the occasion a Poppy emblem is worn in Commonwealth countries. While many Irishmen fought and died in that war and are also remembered on this day there has always been a reluctance to wear the Poppy or other emblem.


In Germany, aviva_m tells me, the national obsession with what happened during WW2 means World War I is almost as forgotten as if it had never happened. I've just discovered from iddewes that 11:11 on the eleventh of November is when Carnival starts in Cologne.

Good grief.
My, my.
Almost 11 here. USA men died too.
Давно было...
Перед Первой мировой был изобретён пулемёт. Всем казалось, что создание такого оружия массового уничтожения - серьёзный аргумент против войн вообще... epic fail...