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emmausToday I travel to Dublin to attend a meeting on Saturday morning early. It is being held at Emmaus Retreat Centre near Dublin Airport.

Yesterday I saw this photo on FB of one of the autumn pathways on the grounds of the Retreat Centre. Are you jealous??

Let's hope the weather holds up.



Have a nice trip.

Not jealous because the colours here are amazing too. :o)
Thank you.
Beautiful! I am jealous, not of the wonderful autumn colour because everything is looking good here too -- when we get a bit of sun! But I could just do with a retreat away from everything.

Well, more precisely, I'd like to get all the current difficult financial stuff regarding my Dad's move to the care home out of the way and THEN go on a retreat. I don't think I'd be able to be calm enough to appreciate it just at the moment. Too much going around in my head at the moment. :(
So sorry to learn of your suffering. I pray the Lord will help you see the end of them and enjoy peace of mind and spirit.
The Emmaus story is one of my favorites.
The retreat center looks very modern and very relaxing.
Are you attending the De Mello Weekend?
Please tell us your experiences there.
Have a peaceful weekend!
No not the De Mello retreat although they were there in big numbers.
No I am attending a gathering of the Christian Brothers in preparation for a Congregational Chapter taking place early in the new year.
Gorgeous! And nicely maintained, with the path kept clear. Enjoy!
Am truly enjoying and the weather is wonderful TG.
Yes, I AM jealous! We had the most glorious autumn I've ever seen here, and did not have time to take pictures before I left for almost a week, hoping that the leaves would still be on the trees when I got back.
They weren't, of course; the trees were bare of all their incomparably intense colors.
How sad.
I'm pleased for you! The colors have been brilliant here this year.
That appears to be the news from all sides TG - except for the poor filipini!