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There are many things in life we need or want. Is that just life? What if we did not think conventionally? At present we live in an economy rather than in a community. This needs fresh thinking and to help us think, maybe we could consider how we can help each other in our own community.

Eddie Hobbs, a financial analyst, has tested it out in a small village in the Irish midlands. He brought people from this small community together, formed a club called the GIVE and TAKE Club, and challenged them to sacrifice some personal asset(s) to attain something on their own wish list. Some would like to take from the Club and every member had something to give to the Club.

The "takes" were very diverse and, in the Club, were all equally valid, e.g. a farmer who would love to be able to write a letter, a girl who would love to be able to dance, a mother who would love to visit her daughter in Australia, etc. There were NEEDS there and there were WANTS!

The "gives" were very demanding e.g. to give up smoking and contribute to a kitty, to give time and skills, to give in kind, etc. One lady had 6 TVs in rooms. She was prepared to give one to a lady who could not afford a TV. Hobbes, however, insisted she give the best one!

The experiment was to be complete in one month.

Despite many hiccups the experiment seems to have worked well and at times proved very emotional. Those involved in the experiment are happy, they found it life-enhancing, and hope the Club will continue.

But as someone on my flist says: "Trying to explain ideas with words is like trying to build a tree with lumber."


That sounds like an interesting experiment in human nature. I wonder if the woman who gave away her best TV just went out and bought another one?
I would hope not. Nor would I hope the smoker just contributed and went out and bought more. But at least they had been given the opportunity to be courageous as well as generous.
"a farmer who would love to be able to write a letter,"

Is there still a great deal of illiteracy in rural Ireland?
No, thank God. But this man had bullying trouble in school as a lad and left at 13 yrs. Sad.
Ahhh, I see. Sadly, that sort of thing happens everywhere.
This is a fabulous experiment. I'm currently involved with a virtual community through Second Life doing a similar project where people are pooling their skills to help each other with projects they are working on. These are those that need help with scripting to make an object work within the virtual world but can build the object just fine or those involved in writing projects but need feedback. The ones that are close enough in the physical world carry that relationship onward and help out with real world things like study time, social interaction, temporary loans. I've seen offers to mail things to those that aren't physically close too, so it's interesting to see an intersection between local and wider community.
Thank you.

We can all learn from one another.