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Vintage Values

postcard_pack_fan_15Just published by the Catholic Truth Society of Ireland is a collection of 100 striking covers of their pamphlets from between 1920 and 1970. How times have changed! They really don’t make them like this any more, but then again, it is unlikely there’s much of a market for parents seeking pamphlets called Shall My Daughter Be a Nun? or for the general public, wondering Does Communism Threaten Christianity?

The core mission of the Society was to “make God known and loved”. It urged those who bought a pamphlet to “place it in the hands of somebody who needs it. "If you can’t, leave it behind you on a park seat, in a bus, in a theatre and Providence will guide it right.”

Part of the joy of the pamphlet covers is their extraordinary titles, which read like headlines from tabloid newspapers:

The Girl Worth Choosing (1955); Grow Up and Marry (1947); Divorce is a Disease (1944); Shall I Be a Nun? (1945); Fashionable Sin (1957); Hell and its Punishments (1948); Don’t Swear Like That!’ (1948); Shall I start to Drink? Decide for Yourself’ (1953); The Young Lady Says ‘No’!, (1946); What Not to Do on a Date (1960); and Why Leave Home When It’s Such Fun to be There?’ (1944).


Oh, those are delightful!
I love "Fashionable Sin" !
Does a particular kind go in and out of fashion?
This season the sin to commit is ......
Or is it a wearable sin?
If so, I saw a lady sinning this morning. Skin tight purple pants. There was a bit too much of her for what she was wearing. But she did have a very large white shirt over them.

Fashionable Sin

"When a robber baron of medieval days went out, war club in hand, he returned to his castle knowing himself to be a blackguard and a villain whose hands were red and whose soul was black with sin, and who, because he was the enemy of God and man, would
eventually burn in hell for his sins.

But your modern robber baron steals and cheats on a magnificent scale, bribes judges and tricks justice in
the process, is ruthless towards weak competitors, turns his inner office into a seraglio, (bunga-bunga) and then hires some psychologist to tell him that he is a superman following his atavistic instincts, and a philosopher to assure him that since there is no God he may make his own commandments and conveniently break them when he chooses."

"When a woman of other days betrayed her husband, she admitted herself to be an adulteress. An impure
woman might shrink from the brutal names hurled at her, but she admitted their sad truth.

Now, a Carl Van Vechten heroine thinks no more of a week-end of adultery than she does of a weekend of golf; and, far from betraying her husband, she is probably acting with his consent and co-operation. As for the impure woman,she is rapidly being abolished in favour of the girl who lives up to the impulses of her artistic and emotional nature."

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Carl van Vetchen - now that is dated
So where are our fashionable sins today?
All at once I developed the irrational conviction that these titles were chapter headings from a Mickey Spillane novel.

Not in that order, but still.
lol love it!