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The Geese are here

Across the Slaney estuary here in Wexford we have the Wexford Slobs and Wildfowl Reserve, an internationally renowned wildbird sanctuary. As much as 35% of the world population of Greenland White-fronted Geese winter here every year, along with other species such as Snow and Brent geese.

The Greenland Geese are now well and truly settled in their wintering grounds. In the course of the last two months, huge flocks have streamed over from their mid-journey stop in Iceland. A count on the North Slob on the 18th of November showed that over 8,000 White-fronts had arrived. Other visitors include the migrating Whooper Swan from Iceland and Bewicks Swan from Siberia

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Oh that's lovely!

We recently saw some of the only surviving whooping cranes, they winter in south Texas. And yes, we had to drive to the back of beyond to see them, which I guess is why they picked that place :)
We have a sanctuary on an island on the Atlantic an hour away.
This time of year it is covered with snow geese.
They are noisy!

Behind my house bufflehead ducks have arrived.
They will be here all winter.
Canada Geese come and go. We are only a stop over for them.
I've noticed we're getting our annual migration of ducks. Nothing as pretty as that, though.