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Have You Ever Been To Drumcollogher? (Co. Limerick)

dubai copy

    (Percy French)

I've been to a great many places,
And wonderful sights I've seen
From Agernavoe to Ballinasloe
And back to Ballyporeen.
But when they talk of the towns that
Over the ocean lie
When they say to me, Pat,
what do you think of that.
I up and says, says I-

"I suppose you've not been to Drumcolliher?
Ye haven't? Well now I declare,
You must wait till you've been to Drumcolliher
And see the fine place we have there.
There's only one street in Drumcolliher,
But then 'tis a glory to see:
Ye may talk till you're dumb, but give me old Drum,
For Drum is the place for me."


Very clever!
I live on an island. It was once very populated with many small stores and everything most people needed - even a car dealership. However there was no "movie house" or "big stores".
I heard this story from an old man.
His wife once "went up the road", 20 miles away to the County Seat, the "big town".
She said she didn't like it and never went there again.
One can't beat the old place where one grew up.