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Pope invites reformed killer to the Vatican

In 1995 an Indian, Samunder Singh, stabbed and murdered a Catholic nun in northern India. He was condemned to death but at the victim's sister's imploration the sentence was commuted to 12 years in jail. On his release from prison he was forgiven and accepted into the girl's family.

He has now been invited to meet Pope Francis at the Vatican to view a film of his conversion.  Also invited is the victim's sister (a missionary nun) and the priest who counselled him in prison.

I invite you to read the substance of the one-hour film at:



Pope is a great man with a great soul

He has big strong heart and peaceful calm mind.
Noblesse oblige!
That is a very interesting story. Does it mention why he killed her in the first place?
I understand it was a moment of anti-religion craze. He stabbed her about 50 times.
An amazing story