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Emma's Butterfly Garden


All my nephews and niece attended a private school at Killashee near Naas, Co. Kildare. It was run by La Sainte Union Nuns. The school and gardens have now become The Killashee House Hotel. My niece's husband is a society photographer and frequently covers weddings in the hotel.

DEBRA Ireland has now opened a new butterfly garden at Killashee House. It was the brainchild of Emma Fogarty (a sufferer) whose dream it was to have a butterfly garden in a location where those affected by EB can go to enjoy peace and tranquility.  EB is a distressing and painful genetic skin condition that causes the skin layers and internal body ligaments to separate. It is currently incurable. This lovely garden is complete with a fountain, butterfly houses and gazebo. It is a place where people can come to reflect and get away from the stresses they face in their everyday life.

Welcome to the Butterfly Garden,
Let your heart and soul float free,
Lift your face to the light and beauty,
And whisper, Let peace come to me.
Then quietly wander the pathways,
Or sit in tranquility,
In a flitter of delicate beauty,
You reveal yourself to me.


That's lovely.
I saw you added me... may I ask how you found my LJ? I see we have some mutual friends so I'll assume for now that's how, but I wasn't sure. Feel free to PM me - I will add you. :)
Yes, it was an attempt to widen my circle of English- language readers. Many of my readers are Russian because I love their photography and they like short posts in English in their effort to learn the language.

Thank you for replying.
How can I support DEBRA Ireland?
What a lovely garden.

There is a butterfly garden near my home that transforms anyone who visits to their childhood I think. It is a wonderful place to meditate.

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Unfortunately there are not enough of them.
oh oh oh hello we like butterflies too! We have lots in our garden, and also doves and little birdes hello your a friend of lots of our friends,

from Indigo Elf
Good to know you. Welcome to my world, a world of the old.
We are little! Wer' litlte people inside a medium body age. So we can do big peopl things too! But were'not as old as our mum, she has sore knees.

You've just met one of our Little Ones, Indigo Elf. Our Little Ones adore butterflies! That's why they commented, you drew them out with your post :-)

We've friended you back after checking out your profile and seeing how many mutual friends you and I have. If you're confused about the multiple personalities we mention in our profile, just ask!

Nice to meet you,

Imo (One of the 'Big Girls' ;-)

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