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The Lantern Centre

Lantern2For a country which for centuries has been monocultural and which has seen millions of its citizens migrating abroad to seek a new life in a foreign land, Ireland now finds itself as the recipient of people coming from a wide variety of nations and ethnic groups.

The Lantern Centre situated in Synge St., Dublin, was established by my friend Michael Murray as a place of hospitality to promote intercultural and interfaith dialogue. The Centre facilitates the formation and development of ethnic based groups (national, cultural, and faith). It is recognised that a significant issue affecting the ability of migrant groups to participate more fully in social and cultural activities is the difficulty in accessing premises and facilities. The Lantern Centre meets this need. Up to 50 groups now use the space for a variety of activities.

Lantern3 Lantern4


I wish Ireland much success in becoming a multiethnic society. Stay Irish, while remembering that the best of Celtic culture has always been open, tolerant, whimsicle, light hearted, and skeptical.
Go raibh maith agat.
That would be fun to see.
Here in Milwaukee Wisconsin (USA), we have many different cultures that had migrated here in it's early history.

Every summer we have different cultural 'fests' that are really fun.
There's German Fest
Festa Italiana
Polish Fest
Irish Fest
and a few more I can't remember.
I'm not sure a country with two local languages (three, if one counts Ulster Scots) can be considered completely monocultural.
I'm afraid, for all practical purposes, we have been regrettably a monoculture as far as language goes.
I have been there love the traditional dancing.
Have you really?