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Person of the Year

f1poyPope Francis has been chosen by TIME Magazine as Person of the Year for 2013.

The title is an honour and is not a judgement on good deeds. It is rather an indicator of how much influence a person has had in a 12-month period.

Pope Francis was chosen because he was the first pope from the ‘New World’ who cares for the poor. He comes at a time when the Church needed a burst of energy and he has a charisma that “comes from nowhere".

The Magazine credited  Francis with shifting the message of the Catholic Church while capturing the imagination of millions who had become disillusioned with the Vatican.


Here's hoping he has the strength of will to rein in the corruption within the curia- that's central to so many of the church's problems!

Amen to that.
The church need structural updating - realizing that priesthood is a charism of service given by the Holy Spirit and not limited by gender or marital state. The Spirit breaths where it will.
But putting the emphasis on God's love and its unlimited quality is a BIG start. The message was always one of being inclusive.
In his person, Pope Frank embodies that which the world longs to see. A smile and open arms.
Note that TIME's "Man" of the year has become "Person" of the year.
Quite right too!

Am I not a people and a sister? :o)
he really does seem like a decent human being, and the first such in my lifetime to head the catholic church. (sorry if this is damnation with faint praise, but it's true.)
Yes, he certainly has the "human" touch.
the others struck me as "all too human", which has rather a different connotation.
Well, i am probably older than you. I fondly remember John XXIII and, oh so briefly, John Paul I, who, i think, would have been a good Pope had he lived (been allowed to live.)
Good Pope John!
What a refreshing breath of fresh air he was!
In his time as radical as Pope Frank.
No more triple tiara - No more carried in the chair
He threw open the windows and we danced with joy
Then they slammed the windows down and we were left outside looking in again
Yes!! As a non-Catholic married to a Catholic, i have a pretty refined sense of whether i am excluded or included. Around people i usually feel included (despite my autism). Around dogma and liturgy, i usually feel pretty excluded.
john paul i's death is my first memory of a pope; i don't remember anything he did while alive, and he didn't leave much of a record for obvious reasons. john xxiii entirely predates me, though i'm hardly a spring chicken myself :)
Not being Catholic, I can't say much beyond thinking that this Pope does seem to be a good choice, both as Pope and as Time's Person of the Year. He seems a very loving person.
He is that to judge by his words and actions since his election. The Church needed such a man.
Yes indeed when one considers the other 'entries'.
Wish he'd stop trying to hide about the arch dioceses perverted priests.