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The "Guinness Lake" Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Lough Tay is a scenic spot in Co. Wicklow. It is called "The Guinness Lake" because it formed part of the Guinness Estate on which it lies.

The Guinness Lake Co. Wicklow


Wow, that's gorgeous!
That's an awful lot of Guinness! :o)
Fittingly perhaps, given the contrast of the black waters and creamy beach, one story has it that the white sand was imported.
Wow - that's a lot of beer.
Very pretty. Nice to see where the beer comes from. :P
I was taken there by Anne McCaffrey, and she called it Sally Gap, and it matched her description of Pern. The lake was a lot bluer though.
What a lovely place that must be.
I love Guinness Ale very much!
And I've always wanted to visit Ireland.
The scenery I've seen is breath taking.
Wow, what a beautiful place!
Even wanted to go there.

Красиво !!!
Даже захотелось там побывать.