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Is the Universe Infinite and at the same time Created?

cosmosSo asks one of my LJ friends on seeing Hubble's last photo on its Advent Calendar for 2013. As a Christian and a Catholic I, of course, answer "Yes".

This brings us back to Paley's (1802) old 'Watchmaker analogy' or 'Proof from Design'. Paley's watchmaker argument basically says that if you find a watch lying on the ground in nature, you would know it had been designed in contrast to all of the natural things around it. He argues that this is because the watch is so "complex", and that because the universe is also complex, that means it too must have been designed.

But José Luis Cordeiro claims all manner of futuristic stuff including a prediction that 2045 will be the year when "we will reach hardware and software immortality". He says: "Remember, our brains are the product of random evolution and we are creating things by design". Notice the complete reversal of the 'watchmaker analogy'.

It's a bit too soon after Christmas however to venture down that road!


I like this comment, and at the mystical level, i feel that it is right on. If we make no distinctions at all, the problem of creation and creator disappears.

Still though, i slip into dualistic thinking since i imagine that justice and common sense require making distinctions. When this happens theological issues reemerge.

Certainly, the God who "created heaven and earth," can not satisfy my doubts, my wonder, or my need to understand. My need to understand will never be met but the urge to understand carries me way beyond "monotheism." "polytheism" or "atheism."
Dualistic thinking is the product of man's mind.. it's a useful tool at times, but it is nonetheless just a product of our minds. But then, so is reality. Still, best not to confuse the map with the landscape.

My personal point of view is that the profoundest act of worship is to try to understand.

In this effort, whatever tool works best is the one you use. Religion was originally an attempt to understand the universe, which has been superseded by science [in some respects] but which does not address other matters.