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2014May we, in this new year, know ever more clearly that all of our lives are intertwined, that everybody counts, everybody matters. May it be a year where we recognize ourselves in one another, and bring together wholehearted aspiration and dedicated effort for the happiness and well being of all.  - Sharon Salzberg


That's a lovely quote. Happy New Year to you as well!
a truly lovely quote, wishing you a happy and interesting New year
That's a wonderful sentiment! Happy New Year to you!
I'll drink to that!
Happy New Year to you!
Happy New Year!
Blessings for 2014
Thank you for something interesting and sometimes challenging on my computer every morning.
Thank you for this very good wish for us all.
Thank you! Happy new year!
This! A wonderful wish for the new year. Now if we can just get that message through the politicians thick heads!
Wise words. I wonder if it was posted on the Tube, if anyone would bear it in mind on the daily commute?
Thank you. I have reposted this quote.
Thank you.
I hope we really can.
Hugs, Jon
This is a wonderful quote! Happy New Year!