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A Mod Approach to the Society of Friends

FoxEven though produced by one of their own and accepting the truths expressed, I cannot visualize committed Quakers taking to this form of expressing their beliefs.

The Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) was founded by a man named George Fox-- and what better way to explain his teachings than with a parody video of Ylvis' viral hit "What Does The Fox Say?"

"What Does George Fox Say?" features dancing girls in bonnets, disco balls, hula hoops, and George Fox quotations like: "The Lord does not dwell in these man-made temples but rather in people's hearts".

It was produced, written, and directed by Ben Guaraldi, a freelance web developer and Quaker.



I think it might go down well with young Quakers who will be familiar with the original song. I suspect most of the people at the meeting I attend will just be baffled. :)
Whyever not?

We're not all middle aged like what I am. :o)

If you don't appeal to the young, you won't keep the young and it does no harm to appeal the young at heart and remind them that we were all young once either.

'The Lord does not dwell in these man-made temples but rather in people's hearts'

One of my favourite Fox quotes too! :oD
That was pretty wonderful.
I loved it!

That's wonderful!
That does seem like a really odd approach.
Of course I know very little about Quakers, so I could be completely wrong too. lol......
Hugs Jon
Fascinating. At first, I wasn't sure, but then, I got into it. I think there a multitude of ways we can connect to "source". This is one. Thank you!