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images4XO3P6FQBecause I now experience more and more difficulty with memory I have been reading articles on Dementia - I shudder at the thought of using the term "Alzheimer's". Am I being morbid?

I see my mind as "me".  My mind is my essence. It can be frightening to consider losing that self or having it impaired. I can't decide which is more frightening: to lose myself, or to be myself but not be able to show it.

I understand that in the early stages of dementia changes are slight and it is possible to continue to do lots of things. One may:

• forget things easily, repeat things frequently,
• experience problems with language, such as appearing to be stuck for words or losing track of a conversation,
• find new situations or places confusing,
• show poor judgement or find it hard to make decisions,
• lose interest in other people or activities,
• be unwilling to try new things,
• experience low mood, become anxious or withdrawn,
• feel easily frustrated or angry.

All of these I can identify in myself. How should I be reacting?


So many helpful words in what your friends have written and I do not have much to add to the discussion other than to wish you well in your journey. You seem to be a very discerning lady with considerable insight and understanding. As the Quakers say, I am holding you to the light and praying for light as you walk day by day.
FoodForTheBrain.org has some nifty info plus an online quiz that might help ease your mind ... or, alternately, give you ammo for your upcoming chat with your healthcare.providers.

Meanwhile, as the doctor told my.mother, if you forget your keys, that's normal; if you forget your way home, that's not.
Thank you for sharing this!