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How easy it is to LOOK but not SEE


"For example, we often "look" at another person and find only the reflection of our own stereotypes and prejudices—rather than truly "seeing" the human being at whom we are looking.

It's also easy to "look" at the world around us and find only banality, corruption and violence—rather than truly "seeing" the promise that's there, the "hidden wholeness" (as Merton called it) that lies just beneath the broken surface of things.

Here's a poem I wrote about all this after a walk in the winter woods. It's a reminder to myself to still my mind and practise "soft eyes" so I can see the beauty, and the potential for beauty, that's in nature and human nature alike..."  A poem by Parker J. Palmer.


This absolutely!

So many people look without seeing the light which is within all things.
I particularly like "once as it undulates and shines / beneath the silent waters of our minds."


"waiting, always waiting, to be seen."

I like your poem a lot! I like it's deeper meaning too. Thanks.
That is a beautiful poem.
Thank you so much for sharing it with us.
Hugs, Jon