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A Prayer For Those Who Cannot Use, Misuse Or Do Not Use Their Gifts

For conservatory composers of incidental music,
For beauties run to fat,
For the patrons of charlatans,
For athletes who watch television,
For poets who write commercials,
For mathematicians turned card sharks,
For legal aid lawyers turned corporate counsel,
For actors who are waiters,
For wives who do not wish to stay at home,
For cat lovers afraid of mess,
For paramours who fear transmittable diseases,
For those who no longer go to auditions,
For blacksmiths and letterpress printers:

Lord who created manna in the desert and caused to flow the living spring; who made disciples out of fishermen and tax-collectors, and a king of a shepherd boy, grant these thy servants the gift of new enthusiasms, protect them from diseases of the spine so that they may turn and bend to glimpse your hand at the fork of the roads not taken at the tunnel's end.  


For wives who do not wish to stay at home,

Is this supposed to be shameful? Because I don't see the problem.
Me neither, or the beauty turned to fat, or the paramours who fear transmittable diseases.

Can't say it is a good example of supposed christianity. Ick
The writer has plainly never had to do what s/he must to make ends meet and to put food on the table and plainly doesn't live in the 21st century give the attitude displayed towards women.

oh ugh. thanks so much for asking for god's help hating on fat people who are beautiful, wives who love the wide world, people who protect themselves and their loves from preventable death and disease, artists who still breathe for the beauty of hot metal...

as the poet said to the beggar: "here's another quarter, palmer / to pray i'll be worth a damn."
But I'd take that "protection from.diseases of the spine"! Throw in a few other joints.(well, maybe all of them) and the autonomic nervous system, and I'll get right to work on that list ...
Interesting responses.
The "Prayer" was taken from a recent morning programme on RTÉ (Irish Radio).
Don't know who the author is.
Aside from the valid issues that others have raised concerning wives, metalworkers, the more zaftig beauties, paramours and others - which I agree with, but a 'me too' comment is unneeded here, I have a rather more light-hearted look at two of them:

For cat lovers afraid of mess
If you can't take the thought of scratched furniture, or the prospect of cat hairs on your coat leaves you cold - you're not a cat lover. Love them, love the claws and fur. Yes, the litterbox might be stinky. In which case, clean the thing more often! How about 'cat lovers allergic to cats'?

For mathematicians turned card sharks
Speaking as someone who can calculate probabilities in their head well enough to take away a profit in Vegas (blackjack), I don't feel ashamed in any way about turning $5 into $300 as it paid for my parents to have dinner and a show, something that would've otherwise been too costly.
...and yes, I am exceptionally good at poker. Which is why I only play for fun and bragging rights.

The first time I cleaned my cat's litterbox, I did feel a little sick, but... I got over it pretty quick. Now I basically have no sense of hygiene whatsoever when it comes to my cat. Because you basically can't worry about it too much. :P

That is lovely.
Hugs, Jon
I'm going to be one who does not find it so objectionable

not every one who is described by the first word feels the second but some do
it is for people who at some point in their life feel limited by their circumstances
it is for people who have lost the shining power of their dreams
it is for everyone who has at least one day looked out the window and wanted something other

The gift of new enthusiasm - much to be desired
to understand the difference made by the road not taken- the one taken might not be the one dreamed of but may have its rewards

I've lived long enough to understand that prayer
I guess I should consider myself lucky to be an actor who is actually an actor. I've never waited tables, though I used to be a legal aid lawyer but when I turned, I became an actor instead. I'm rather fond of roads less travelled myself. No prayers necessary but thank you for the thought.