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Protect your iPad

booksDo you want to keep your iPad safe? — make it look like a Bible.

For those concerned that their tablet computer may be stolen, there is now a solution. The company Lifemac has designed iPad covers that, when closed, look like a leather-bound copy of the Bible. It is unlikely a burglar would be interested in stealing a Bible. Or maybe he/she would show a little more respect for what he/she thought was a holy book.

Lifemac also supply iPad covers with beautiful classic First Edition designs - other people will think you're into reading the world's finest books. They feature the works of the greatest authors and would make ideal gifts.


That's probably not a bad idea.
Similar idea to those wee safes that look like a tin of Heinz beans although somewhat more Godly! :o)
That's a pretty cool idea.
If only I had an iPad to go with it!
no ipad here either
but we both have real bibles
I could agree there would be less interest in stealing a bible, but I don't think a theif would show it more respect, sadly. :(
Hugs, Jon
or diy and recycle an old book!


ETA esp as that company wants to charge you thirty pounds for this object, which is its own form of robbery.

Edited at 2014-01-09 14:40 (UTC)
Now there's an idea - and cheap - if you have that kind of DIY.
I'd offer to make you one but you don't have the iPad for the inside! Oh well...

Isn't the bible the world's most commonly stolen book?

Aim for the look of a battered high school calculus book and it will be safe forever.
How very cool! I will have to check these out.
But will they repel a vampire?