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What a Beat

I'm not into mod music but I actually like this kid's fantastic sense of rhythm.



what a happy-looking kid!
That kid is having lots of fun. He's going to be a terrific drummer when he grows up.
He is pretty amazing, and having such a good time.
Great talent.
Hugs, Jon
He really is having a lot of fun, and that's more than half the battle when getting kids to learn music.

I wish there was some background as to who he is and where he's performing.
His name is Howard Wong, from Malaysia. He is/was 4 year old. Here he is performing live at the Sunway Carnival Mall in Penang.
His father has a band in which the child plays. The number he's playing here is, I believe, “I Hate Myself For Loving You”, originally performed by Joan Jett. The video was uploaded by Lennonyu28.