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Kilmore Quay

untitledLast week a terrible storm struck the west and south coasts of Ireland. One of the places on which it wreaked terrible havoc was a little fishing village fairly near me here called Kilmore Quay. It was devastated.

Kilmore supplies much of the country's fresh fish, but the EU has placed a quota on the weight of fish that can be landed. Any fish above that must be thrown back into the sea. Larger Spanish trawlers have been allowed to fish closer to Ireland. Kilmore sees this as unjust. One day some months ago they protested, landed all fish caught and gave the over-quota to anybody interested for free! All, of course, in vain.

Kilmore is also noted for its beautiful, still inhabited, traditional style, thatched cottages.

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I hope they can rebuild their village. :o

That is so stupid, but sounds like government, to limit their fishing numbers and then let Spain come in and fish in large numbers. UGH...
Hugs, Jon
That poor fishing village. I know what devastation a storm can do. Here we call them hurricanes.

That lovely cottage reminds me of the ones I saw while I had visited Ireland years ago. I also remember a elderly lady, who chewed me out in Gallic, after I, in touristy fashion, said a particular village was "quaint". I still don't know what offended her, but by the tone of her voice she was not happy with that statement. None the less, I have fond memories of Ireland, and where my Claddagh (sp?)ring every day. The lovely heart emerald and crown of diamonds makes me smile every day.
Yes indeed the Claddagh rings are lovely and used be very popular - I don't know if they still are.
I bought a Claddagh ring that had the symbol in gold, repeated around the whole ring.
They're so pretty.
And yours with the emerald and diamonds sounds extraordinary!
It's very beautiful.
I'm always in love with the scenery in Ireland. It's very sad that Kilmore Quay was hit so hard.
I live in an area of the U.S. that get tornadoes and the ruins left behind are hard to wrap your mind around.
Oh my goodness. That's terrible.