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Balance Act performed by Lara Jacobs Rigolo

featherIncreasingly more frequent nowadays I find my hands quiver and shake. Old age I presume. It is more pronounced in my right hand than in my left. It can often happen when I'm carrying a cup of tea or holding a page I'm trying to read in front of an audience.

You can understand then how amazing I find the poise, grace and sense of balance of the lady in this video. Perhaps you have seen it before. I'm not keen on the music though.



Have you mentioned the hand tremors to your doctor?
It is something he/she would want to know.
Not yet
Please do
you may have a treatable condition
She is amazing. I have seen her do that live in a Cirque du Soleil show. You could just feel the tension in the room as she did it. :o
Have you been overly tired lately? That might make you shake some.
Hugs, Jon