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How does one insert a photo into the 'comments' section of a post?
I have often wished to do so but don't know how?
Thank you.


Ah. That all depends on what photo hosting site you are using, but, basically, the same way you post into your LJ. From Flickr, I 'grab the HTML/BBCode' using Control C to copy and Control V to paste. It's the way I post anywhere on LJ. I certainly don't use the specified button for LJ posting in Flickr as it gives me less control.
I copy the HTML code for the home of the picture, rather like this one for my artwork of "And Maedhros Stood Aside" that I composed a bit over a year ago.

Maedhros Stood Aside photo LossgarforPhotobucket.jpg

- Erulisse (one L)
Thank you both for your quick replies. It may take me a little time to master but it'll be interesting to try.
where photo address is an internet URL. Include quotes. I use this for posting all pics on LJ.
Well, thankfully you got answers from somebody because I didn't have a clue. LOL......
Hugs, Jon
I've wondered about that, too. I guess from the answers you got, there is no way to directly upload! Drat!
You can only "directly upload" a picture (or any kind of file) to a server, which tags it with a URL - something like http://www.somename.com/thisisapicture.jpg - rather like putting a reference number on a book in a library. You then include that URL in a post or comment, with a bit of HTML that tells people's browsers to go to that location and display the picture.

If you're using the online interface to post entries and/or comments to LiveJournal, there's a bunch of little pictures along the top of the comment box, one of which will indicate "insert picture". You click on that and type in the URL, and it'll do all the magic for you.

I'm still working on it I'm afraid but learning all the time. I have no problem with inserting picture into the main post. It is the "comments" section that is giving me trouble.

Thanks for all your help.