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300px-Keeping_Up_Appearances_CastThanks be to God I seldom watch TV even though I have a set in my room. Sky News and the Antique Roadshow  about sums up my TV viewing, and even those I rarely look at. I say thank God because I recognize only too well how I could so easily become addicted to certain comedy series I have seen episodes of elsewhere.

BBC shows such as The Royle Family, Last of the Summer Wine, Keeping Up Appearances (right), The Vicar of Dibley, Dad's Army, Yes, Minister, etc. could very easily take over my life!

I can see how programmes such as Coronation Street, Eastenders, Heartbeat, etc. can, and have, simply taken over peoples' lives.  People who one time used be very sociable, active, interested in sport and outgoing, are now drawn into the dark artificial world of TV drama. How can people allow themselves to waste time watching such TV drama series? What, if any, affect have these shows got on their lives? It seems to be that they now consider these fictitious TV characters to be new friends of theirs, know all about them, and talk about them as if they were real people.


Oh dear,

Having been a sort of TV addict since the 1950s, may I give you some advice.

Never, ever, Google 'Sherlock fandom' or 'Dr Who Fandom' or even 'Star Trek Fandom' (and certainly not 'My Little Pony Fandom.'

And, for your sanity, never venture onto Tumblr.

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I live in the US, and all I want to watch is BBC shows!

We're such Keeping up Appearances fans that our first flock of hens were called Hyacinth, Rose, Violet, Daisy, and Bucket! ;)

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I love UK programs, not only BBC, but still. :)
Me too!
I loved that show... I still have a huge soft spot for it. Now I want to see if it's on iTunes or netflix.

Oddly I watched KUA as a kid... I think the more "mature" stuff just went over my head.
I could live without a TV my husband couldn't though. I sometimes watch documentaries, no soaps ever! or anything similar. :)

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We may disagree about theology /religion but I TOTALLY agree with you about tv.
I only watch some news/politics programs and even those bore me at times!
I was watching Downton Abbey but came to the conclusion I didn't really care about that world.
I may catch a tv show or movie occasionally but it is a "sometime thing" not a part of my world.
Sometimes I watch the British version of Antiques Roadshow. I'm always surprised how old things there are and how little they're appraised for, compared to our version. I guess it's supply and demand.
Do I dare admit I am a tv addict? LOL.....
Although in my defense, I don't consider show characters real or friends. lol...
And I LOVE British comedies. Are You Being Served?, Keeping Up Appearances, Vicar of Dibley, Absolutely Fabulous, Waiting for God...
Hugs, Jon
We have reruns of the show Keeping Up Appearances, here in the U.
Dad's Army!

I love Are You being Served and 'Allo 'Allo as well
Like you, I watch very little TV as I prefer my books and music.

However, there were two worthwhile wildlife programmes on the Beeb last night and those two hours have been our total for the week.
Addiction to serial drama and comedy isn't confined to TV - I've been a fan of The Archers on radio for at least 50 years.

But the works of Dickens were serial dramas that attracted the same kind of addiction long before TV was thought of.
I could live fairly happily without TV. After all, we did it for more than 10 years in the 70s and early 80s. However, I do enjoy watching TV programmes because as writerjenn says, it's undemanding entertainment after a day of hard intellectual work. So we tend to watch pretty trivial stuff, like Midsomer Murders and Sherlock.

I think anyone who gets drawn into excessive TV watching in the way you describe has other problems and is using TV as a way of escaping from things they can't cope with. Most people -- even ardent fans of some series -- love to share their obsession with fellow fans and it can actually be a way of making new friends. For example one of my LiveJournal friends travelled from America to visit Wales because she loved the TV show Torchwood so much and wanted to visit the locations.
People who one time used be very sociable, active, interested in sport and outgoing

Strangely, the people I meet at conventions are still all of the above. Except maybe sport, but that isn't inbuilt into humanity from birth, it's just another area of interest.
When fans get together, their shared interest in a series is only a springboard for discussing an incredibly wide range of subjects and issues. The last time I attended a series-specific convention, I would have to say that we spent more time on comparative anthropology and playing board games than we did directly discussing the show.