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My Wish for You Today

Where there is doubt
Let there be faith.
Where there is injury
Let there be pardon.
Where there is despair
Let there be hope.
Where there is darkness
Let there be light.
Where there is sadness
Let there be joy.


You have a love of languages? But you do not mention Irish (Gaeilge)!! Shame on you!

[Is breá leat teanganna a fhoghlaim? Ach ní luann tú an Ghaeilge!! Mo náire thú!]
Shame on me indeed, although I've been in love with Ireland for ages.
Now that I've 'met' someone who speaks Gaeilge, though, I could take advantage of you to learn at least a bit of your language.
With permission, of course. :)
You would be very welcome. A basic run down on the language in general can be found at

Edited at 2014-01-17 20:07 (UTC)
Thank you so much! I'll dive in and come back for more. :)
P.S. Profile edited to correct that omission. ;-)